Best practise guide

The best practise guide provides a short overview over the design and documentation practises, that members of the Open Science Hardware Movement deem important. For a more detailed and general reference, see best practices for Open-Source Hardware by the Open Source Hardware Association.

Impact Tools for Open Science Hardware

The Impact Tools for Open Science Hardware is a collection of resources that might be of interest for projects that want to increase their visibility and monitor their impact beyond the alt-metrics and social media functions of this repository. This document was created during GOSH 2016.

Other repositories

If your project is one 3-d print or a few-component-home-project, you should consider other repositories such as for example thingiverse or instructables. If you are a scientist and the data you would like to cite is not really a construction documentation, have a look at or alternatives. Perhaps you would also like to leave your project on your personal webspace or GitHub, and reference it in one of the collections below.

Have a look at our collections on thingiverse: