Our open source software

The DocuBricks off-line Editor

Our (offline) editor software helps you create a good documentation of your project. It generates the required XML format for uploads to this online repository. The editor helps you document a project along it's functionality and in a modular fashion. This is ideal to communicate your design rational with all files, media and details linked into place - this is different from a simpler linear assembly-only documentation for sold part-kits or repair guides and well suited for open hardware projects.

Please download our free and open source (java) editor software from the repository behind this link:

GET STARTED HERE: DocuBricks Editor downloads

The editor will save your project into a XML document and a folder with your files (images, videos, CAD, etc.), which you can save on your PC or host for example on GitHub to re-open, modify or fork later. Once you are ready to submit the project to this repository, please upload the files under submit.

Our software is open source. Please find the link to the source code below.

DocuBricks Editor Source

Offline XML Viewer

Projects in this repository are now rendered online, so there is no need to use the following offline software. The following viewer is our first offline version and not a complete release. The DocuBricks XML scheme is the standard we develop for effective open hardware documentations. It can be nicely rendered with a style sheet; on top of that our viewer creates interactive elements, visualises dependencies, adds lists and a total BOM.

DocuBricks Viewer

Usage: Add docubricks.xsl as well as folders src and static to your directory containing the documentation XML file.

DocuBricks Viewer (compile)

Our software is open source. Please find the link to the source code in the links above.